Chien-Yu is the winner of Findings Issue 70 Competition, Art Jewellery Contest ‘ECOSIGHT’ 2020 Amber Trip, and the selected artist of Klimt02 JPLUS Emerging Talent Award 2019.

Her current practice has been evolved into meditative discourses in hammering through the various processes of fabricating art jewellery. 


Photo by Chien-Yu Liu


Athens Jewelry Week
Online 2020


International Baltic Jewellery Show Amber Trip, Lithuania 2020

Munich Jewellery Week
Schwanthalerstraße 184, Munich, Germany
9th-15th March 2020

FiLiA Arts Showcase
The Bloomsbury Fesival
5 Hastings St, Bloomsbury, London, UK
PV 12th Oct 2019 4pm


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